Niko in english

I’m nominee for city council of Hyvinkää in spring 2021. This coming election is my 3rd city council elections. I’m at the green list of candidates, learn more of Hyvinkää’s greens here.

I grew up right “next door” in Nurmijärvi and moved to Hyvinkää in 2008.

My current posts are: Vice-representative of the city council (7th of the green group), vice-representative at the board of rescue- and fire dept of central Uusimaa, and board member of Hyvinkää’s green party.

City of this size, should embrace it’s unique culture, inspire sparkly events and build sustainable working environment for future generations to live and prosper.

My political views are based on..

Freedom: To love, work, live, and prosper. I strongly believe that we all can live better by taking count of those who in need. Help is given straight away when needed. That means that we need strong healthcare with enough resources, teachers who have time for their pupils, and safe and modern learning environments for our students.

Sustainable living: Where people can make easy economical choices, riding a good-quality biking lanes, recycling or using mass-transit that works.

Environmental acts: Such as reserving our nature and its unique gems for our children. Smart and compact cities can be made by efficient housing and parks and preserved nature elements close by. Hyvinkää should take more closer look on species extinction and pollinating insects number declining. What kind of parks and nature areas we should restore and build more, to support life in our neighbourhoods and forests?

This all can cost us some money now, but what we can achieve with well-being, highly educated and motivated people. Sky might not be our limit anymore.  

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All of the EU/EEA citizens are eligible of voting municipal elections in Finland when:
1. you are 18 years of age at the latest on the election day, AND:
2. you are assigned a municipality of residence in Finland in two months prior the election.

Citizens from outside EU/EEA countries can vote too, IF:
1. you are 18 years of age at the latest on the election day, AND:
2. you have had a municipality of residence in Finland for a continuous period of at least two years.